Hunger Games V Art Attack

Hunger Games V Art Attack is now available as a virtual team-building workshop!

This is a virtual creative team building event that is designed to be fun, a bit silly and something that keeps teams feeling like they're working together, when we're all working from home.  Each team member will be given 5 minutes to gather items from around their house which they can glue, stick, bend, shape and put together (things like playdough, sellotape, paperclips, cables, hairbands, balloons etc). It doesn't matter what the materials are, it the creativity that counts!

Then you and your colleagues will be set up into sub-teams using the Zoom breakout rooms, and every 10 minutes there will be a curveball thrown at everyone to keep you on your toes.

At the end of 30 minutes, the teams will have something to show the whole group - we don't know what but it's not the end result that counts, it's the teamwork along the way that matters most!

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