Hunger Games V Art Attack

Hunger Games V Art Attack!

This is a high octane creative team-building event that is designed to be fun, a bit silly and something that keeps the creative juices flowing!  If you've got a slightly competative nature then step this way.  If you haven't, this is still going to be a massive laugh!

First, we split you into teams and in the middle of the room is a cornucopia of art materials.  This is the art attack bit - that cornucopia is filled with cellotape, paper, pens and random things from the recycling bins.  But what are you going to be making?!!  You wont know until after you've grabbed your materials.

Then comes the Hunger Games part - a challenge to build something in your team over the period of 1 hour, but in true Hungers Games style we aren't going to make it easy for you!  We'll be throwing curve balls at you every 15 minutes.  Lets see how you face those creative challenges!

At the end of the hour you'll have worked with more people than are in just your team, you'll have stuck and glued and ripped and painted and pottered and panicked.  But that's okay because it's the team building and having a laugh that counts.  And of course there's a prize for the winning team.

To see for yourself, click the link below to take you to our YouTube page. 

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