Landmark Student Art Prize

The Landmark Student Art Prize

Running an art prize

Landmark are one of the countries largest providers of flexible office space, with 37 centres nationwide and 15 of those in London.  In May 2022 they are launching a brand new centre at Kings Cross in the iconic Light house building.

Landmark have always been a company that put art into it's spaces, and even has a collection, but this year they decided to do something other than buy prints, and they called on Art in Offices to discuss the possibiity of laucnhing an art prize, to support the artists of the future.

Art in Offices have created startegies for many of it's clients, so the first step for us was to create a strategy document for the prize, which everyone can refer back to.  Once that was agreed, Landmark gave us the greenlight to launch the prize on social media.  After the deadline for submissions passes there will a process to shortlist, curate, judge and give prizes out to the art students.

If you would liek Art in offices to run a similar event or create a strategy for your company, please don't hesitate to get in touch and ask us any questiosn you might have.

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