Lease art with an art subscription

Art Subscription

Reduce sick days and alleviate mental health issues with art.

Art adds great value to your office.  Research by professor Craig Knight of Exeter University has proven that offices with plants and art are up to 42% more productive – that’s a huge number!  Art also alleviates the symptoms of some mental health issues, which reduces sick days and in turn increases productivity.

How Does it Work?

Pricing is based on the size of the walls you have and what type of art you need.  You may need to spend more money in certain areas (we call these your impact walls and include receptions and boardrooms), whereas other areas may just need prints or smaller paintings, like break out spaces and smaller meeting rooms.

We also calculate what you’ll need to spend on the shipping and installation and spread this cost over a year.  The contract length is 12 months, but within that you can change the artwork as many times as you want.

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