Livingstone were recommended our services by Mobeus Equity, a long-standing client of ours. Livingstone had just had their London offices refurbished, and all the walls painted a very classy shade of grey, but without anything to break up the colours. They wanted artwork to make their offices feel like a Rothschild bank, and impress their visitors.

Because of the grey, we immediately suggested artworks in shades of yellow, orange, copper, bronze and gold, because they are the perfect accompaniment to grey. And because they had wanted to appear permanent, cultured and trustworthy, we suggested works by Sam Peacock, who works with enamel on steel.

Alongside original artwork, we framed some photographs of London for their smaller meeting rooms, and framed some marketing posters they already had designed, which were very classy.

The most exciting bit of this project was the "whiskey room", a meeting room with loungechairs and a wall filled with whiskys. The partners that I met with took on our suggestion that we could turn this room into feeling like a jazz club, with some vintage photographs of Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald. 

This was a wonderful project to work on.