Mobeus Equity Partners Office Art

Mobeus Equity Partners Office Art

As you'll be able to see from our previous projects, Mobeus Equity had used Art in Offices' services for years, to provide them with framed photographs of their latest investments. After an office re-fit and a conversation amongst the partners, they decided that instead of photographs they would rent art, and change it every 6 months.

The brief we were given was to find abstract paintings which had metallic colours, specifically in gold, bronze and copper, because they would highlight the colours in the new office refubishment, and the colours in the company logo.

After a search through our online catalogue, they settled on two complimentary artists for the meeting rooms and reception, and a third artist who used vintage car paints in shades of blue, yellow, red and green for the internal offices. They also had two phonebooth rooms which were windowless, so we settled on two landscape photographs to create "windows" in these rooms.

We installed all of the artwork at a weekend, to avoid creating noise and mess for the team and also because the large number of artworks (14), meant that we would be installing over 5 hours, and we didn't want to disturb people for this long.

Mobeus Equity partners are paying £1526 per month for 14 artworks, to be rotated every 6 months.