Artwork for a science-based company

Ths project starts with a satisfied client.  The current office manager at Mogrify had previously worked at another client, and when they started in their new role asked Art in Offices to come in and put art up as soon as possible.  

One of the best bits about our job is forming friendly and close relationships with our clients and particular individuals within the organisations.  It is very gratifying when people we've worked with previously, recommned us or use us again at new organisations.  It means we've done out jobs right!

Mogrfy are a large scale up company based at the Cambridge Science Park.  They are a science based company and wanted art to represent both this asect of what they do, and the fact that they a re a young company, with lots of energy and one eye to the future.  Also we knew from previously working with the office manager that big and bright colours would be the favourite option.

So we put forward some options by Katy Binks, Charley Peters, Liz Miller and Jesie Woodward.  The client loved all of these artists for their bright colours and science [fiction] feeling to them.  We curated a selection of works on paper, original prints and painitngs for Mogrify, to make the most of the budget they had set aside.

We will be re-curating the artwork after 6 months, using the same artwork but giving them new spaces within the office, so that the staff members benefit from a new energy and fresh feeling in their space.