A Natwest article about our USP

A Natwest Article about Art in Offices USP

Art in Offices Director Katie Henry, was interviewed for the Natwest Content Live website about the company's USP, and how it has changed in order to reflect the need of our customers more efficiently.

In this article we talk about our original model of Buy Rent and Hire Purchase; a model that didn't truly reflect what our clients needed or wanted from an office art service.  In 2012 we looked at the Own Art scheme and thought offices might want a simialr model, where they could start a collection of art by paying in installments.  This service was never used by our clients, so  we have recently changed our USP to Buy, Rent and Subscribe.

Art Subscriptions have been very popular with our clients since we first tested the idea in 2015, so we have refined our offering and created three basic levels of subscription, which can be tailored to suit our customers needs.

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