Plaid’s London branch was resizing and moving into a new co-working space in Fora, Spitalfields. They reached out to Art in Offices to help bring their new environment to life with some vibrancy and colour! They understood the importance that art has on the wellbeing and productivity of workers and we had a shared passion for the project and it’s importance.

The company is based in California and they wanted the office art to reflect this via bright, beachy and summery colours: turquoises, yellows, etc. We loved this and created some moodboards and superimpositions, all the while maintaining a strong dialogue with Plaid to ensure we created exactly they wanted. While most of our suggestions were met with great excitement, those that were not were adapted to fit their needs.

We were all set to go with constructing and installing a fantastic gallery wall in their open-plan co-working space, when we were asked to incorporate more pastel colours. This threw a spanner in the works briefly, but once we established a new colour palette that incorporated these tones, we were good to go!

The installation of the gallery wall went without a hitch, and we integrated corporate art and posters that reflected the ethos and values of the company into the display. Plaid was very pleased with the subtle blending of the company’s values and the original artwork. Once the gallery wall was done, we got to work hanging original art throughout the office. The Director of London operations himself even stopped by and told us he loved what we had done!

On the blue gallery wall, the featured artists were Andrea Mongenie and Marcus Aitken along with the corporate art posters with Plaid’s values.  Around the rest of the co-working space there was Marcus Aitken, Alex Jones, Claire Chandler, Sanda Robinson and Jo Hummel. The Aitken pieces in particular were adored by the staff at Plaid – so much so that some of them have requested to purchase artworks for their own working spaces at home!

Plaid is renting the office art for 12 months with a potential extension to bring it to 18 months. The reason for this being that the office may be upsizing again in the recent future and, when they do, they are eager to bring their beautiful new artwork with them!