Plaid Amsterdam

Plaid Amsterdam

Artwork for offices in Amsterdam

In August of 2021 we put artwork in the London offices of Plaid.  They were so pleased with what we created for them that when they opened up an Amsterdam office they asked if we could put artwork in there too!

The brief for this office was to reflect the cool, arty, hip and forward thinking Dutch city, whilst also referencing its amazing art history.  The city of Amsterdam itslef is home tot he Rijksmuseum and some incredible art has come out of the country over the centuries, and the client wanted this reflected in the artwork on display.

So to achieve this we mixed in some wonderfully fresh paintings by artists liek Claire Chandler, Andrea Mongenie and Jude Caisley, with collages by Jo Hummel, prints of the city and some ieces by Rosha Nutt, who references the Dutch Masters frequently in her floral prints and paintings.

Halfway through this project the client had to move offices, so the artworks that we curated for the first office (a bank), had to be re-configured and re-curated for the second office - a beautiful old school building in a flexible office space.

Art in Offices shipped all of the artworks fom the UK to Amsterdam, and used local art technicians to instal the work.  The client were incredibly pleased and are really enjoying working in their office.