Public Sculpture

Oversized Public Sculpture for Offices and Receptions

Art in Offices can source oversized sculpture, sculpture for your reception, public sculpture and garden sculptures through  the expertise of their specialist art consultant Eleni.

If you are an architect, a building or estate manager, and your building has a large reception, with an atrium or tall cielings, you should consider placing a piece of sculpture in the space.  Oversized sculpture is easier than you think to source and install into buildings, and they make a huge impact on visitors.

Our oversized office reception sculptures, are charged differently to our normal artworks for rental.  Instead of dividing the sale price by 24 months, there is a flat fee per artwork; essentially a finders fee, making it a very affordable option.  

As with our paintings and photographs, oversized sculpture can be changed and rotated regularly.  We suggest every 6 months to create a new display in your reception, plus it's a great excuse for a launch party, to mingle with other people in your building.

Prices & Sizes

  • Small sculptures that are up to £5,000 are £200 per month. 
  • Medium sculptures at are up to £10,000 are £275 per month 
  • Large sculptures that are up to  £15k are £350 per month. 
  • Monumental sculptures that are from £15,000 to £20,000 plus are £450 per month.
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