R2 Factory

R2 Factory

Artwork for the Punks, Freaks and Superfreaks.

We placed artwork in Rolls Royce's in house creators of digital culture, data analytics and artifical intelligence; to create a safe space to do hard things. 

R2 Factory needed a space that was welcoming for their employees, most of whom are neuro divergant; the self titled the Punks, Geeks and Superfreaks. 

“So, R2 Factory is a place where we can work with our members to build pragmatic solutions that make digital transformation actually happen. Only through collaboration will we change the way in which industry thinks about and tackles complex problems.”

To create a space that lends itself to collaboration and creative problem solving we chose 64 pieces of artwork that are vibrant, modern and energising. The pieces remind you of 80s science fiction shows and retro arcade to inject an element of fun inspired by the data driven work that R2 factory do. 

If you would liek to discuss putting similar artworks in your space, please get in touch. 

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