Rent and Rotate Art

Rent and Rotate Art

Keep your staff engaged and your office fresh.

The saying goes; “You can’t please everyone all of the time”, but with an art subscription where you can rent and rotate art, you’ll be able to please most people most of the time!

How does it work?

Art in Offices will guide you through the process of choosing which art to rent and rotate.  Our opinion is that the art you have on the walls says a lot about you as a company.  We want your clients to get the best first impression of you that they can, after all you only get one first impression!

We use your brand values as our guide, matching the art to your brand culture and company personality, and if you don’t know what those are don’t worry, we’ll help you tease those out.  We also have a creative workshop which helps the whole staff determine what the brand culture should be.

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