Rent Art

Rent Art

Change two artworks for £200 per month

We have a specific service for those offices who want to change their art every few months, which we call an Art Subscription.  We call it a subscription because like a gym membership, you pay a set amount every month (which never changes), and everything is included within that price.

  • The art.
  • The installation.
  • The shipping.
  • The insurance.


We have three price categories on the website; up to £75 per month, £75 - £125 per month, and over £125 per month.  If you want to start an art subscription the price you pay each month is based on A. how many artworks you want, B. which price category they are from and C. the costs of shipping, administration and logistics.  So for example our cheapest subscription option is £200, which includes two artworks from the under £75 category, and admin costs of £25 per month.

This is a bespoke service, and the price you pay for your subscription is based on how many artworks you need and their sizes and prices.  Most offices will have a mixture of small, medium, large and extra large artworks within their package, and when you divde the amount paid by the number of artworks rented, the avergae price per artwork (including admin fees) is usually £100 per month.  This is a good estimate, but Art in Offices work to any client budget no matter how small, and each package is created bespoke to suit your needs.

Our £200 subscription is ideal for a meeting room that is in constant use by the same clients and colleagues.