Rotate Your Art every 3, 4, or 6 months

Rent and Rotate Art

Art empowers your brand by reflecting your company culture on the walls.

Art is a great branding tool.  Not only can you use art on walls to continue your company narrative, but you can also include art in your CSR Strategy, and use art events as business networking opportunities, like art prizes and sponsorship of art events.

How Does it Work?

Make clients think you have an endless art collection by continually changing the art on your walls.  Art in Offices can source any type of art and we have dealt with requests like “monumental sculptures by emerging artists” for an estate management company and  “a textured wall based artwork which uses traditionally lucky colours”  for a bank based in the UAE.

Companies of any size all get the bespoke treatment and the best service.  Our customers’ experience is our main priority, as we want you to enjoy the experience of choosing art and enjoy it once its installed.  And don’t worry – Insurance is on us!

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