Thoughtworks Manchester

Thoughtworks Manchester Art Wall

Thoughtworks Manchester Office were already an existing client of Art in Offices. They'd used us for about a year to rotate three artworks every three months on the art wall of their City Tower offices.

When the time came for Thoughtworks to move offices, they made sure that the art wall was an integral piece of their new office design. The art wall went from one short wall of 4 metres to two walls of 3 metres and 6.5 metres long, and sat right in the middle of their event space.

We've increased the number of artworks to five, to be changed every three months, and we're still finding them local artists, female where possible, like this artist called Louise who makes intricately patterned pieces from old Quality Street wrappers. Nice and christmassy for their autumn/winter rotation.

Thoughtworks pay £708 per month for 5 artworks, rotated every 3 months.