Tusk Therapeutics

Tusk Therapeutics

Tusk Therapeutics have offices at the Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst, next to GlaxoSmithKlein. They invited me in to see their new office and suggest ideas for paintings to be rotated every four months. The brief - COLOUR!

The office I stepped into had a nice vista across some green verges and trees, and the open-plan room itself was fresh, with crisp white walls and shiny new furniture. This young and multinational team worked across two locations, the laboratory and the office and they didn't want both environments to be clinical.

The office manager and I located the best spaces to put artwork in the office, and discussed the number of artworks, the size, colours and genres. Then together we made a list of favourite artists and works from our website.

After that I sent them a number of images where their chosen artwork was superimposed onto images of their office. From that the first rotation of artworks was chosen, and then it was simply a case of picking a date for them to be installed.

Tusk Therapeutics are paying approximately £800 for 8 artworks, rotated every 4 months.