We Appear on Monocle Radio

Director Katie Henry is interviewed on Monocle Radio

Monole radio approached Art In Offices director Katie Henry whilst at the MakeGood trade show, and asked her what it was like being a creative entrepreneuer for Monocle 24 listeners.  The Makegood trade show was a three day trade show held in Selfridges, at which creative start up launched themselves onto the world. Monocle radio host, Daniel Jacopelli described Makegood as a "veritable woodstock" for creative businesses.

Monocle wanted to know how the idea for the company was formed, which you can learn about on the About Us page, and they also wanted to know more about our Buy, Rent Hire business model, which makes contemporary art affordable for every business.  You can read more about our payment options on the Services page.  Katie was more than happy to wax lyrical on Art In Offices and business creativity, as we naturally mix the two with what we do. 

You can hear the full show here