Workman Group

The Square in Leatherhead

Art in Offices were contacted by Workman Group to provide some large paintings for a very large reception in a new-build office development in Leatherhead called The Square.

The Square

I was sent the brochure the architects had put together to explain how the finished project was going to look, but because the area was still a building site we couldn't go and see it immediately. But that didn't matter because I knew from first glance that Ken McClymont was going to be the ideal artist for this project.

Using the architect's drawing and measurements, I sent superimposed images of the artwork in situ. I was certain they would fit so didn't need a site visit (but I couldn't anyway). On the day, the artist delivered the work, and we installed them with no problems. The clinical and white reception area now has some lovley colours to brighten and warm the space.