Angela Dierks

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German born but London based Angela Dierks is an abstract painter, who works in mixed media.

Over the years Angela developed a strong interest in the world of therapy having studied psychoanalytic texts as part of her Masters. She started studying for a Counselling degree and completed an MA Integrative Counselling in 2009 followed by further courses in the field of psychotherapy.  Both literature and psychotherapy continue to inform her work as an artist. The world of therapy opened up an exploration of the unconsciousness that painting helped her to access.  The other, most obvious connection between the profession of therapist and artist is the preoccupation with emotions. In Angela’s therapeutic work she talks about emotions; in her art she aims to translate emotions into visual markers on canvas.

While never formally studying art Angela has been tutored and mentored weekly for a year, 2021 to 2022 by the artist and lecturer Jens Kilian at the Freie Akademie für Malerei und Grafik in Düsseldorf, Germany. Angela’s work can be found in many private collections across the globe. Most recently she showed her work at The Other Art Fair in London.