Eddie Roberts

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Eddie Roberts is a self-taught metal sculptor living in Sunderland. His work opens up form, shape, colour, light and the use of materials, with an architectural and geometric feel. The sculptures are shapes that are translated from forms seen all around us every day, from the corners of buildings and rooms, to the sometimes microscopic and magnified forms of nature. All sculptures are primarily made for his own communication and pleasure.

The making process is a determining factor in the final sculpture. Many maquettes are made but only a few continue to the stage of sculpture. Polypropylene is used and is perfectly flexible, with similar properties to steel in some ways. All maquettes are made from strictly one sheet of A3 which is then scored, cut and curved into a self-standing shape, giving the pieces solidity and personality of their own. These maquettes bring latitude to his thinking about architecture, geometry and the physics of nature. These three elements intrigue him in the way man changes his surroundings for better or worse, and other peoples' perceptions differ with fashion and trends. This is a constant in all his work.