Liz K Miller

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Through the visual language of mapping and notating, Liz K Miller explores the seductiveness of cycles and repetitive patterns to the human condition - how they are ingrained in our psyche, seep into our being, and are made manifest in our behaviour and our creations. Her sound visualisation artworks deconstruct and reinvent musical scores in order to visualise the complexity of sound within time and space. Within Liz’s circular notation system, radius denotes pitch and circumference is time. Each time a musical motif repeats, the score forms a new circle – producing diagrams that appear to have grown organically.

The score is performed and re-interpreted in collaborative events with musicians, recasting the role of the artist as not only an interpreter of the musical piece but also as the facilitator of new music: this has ranged from modernist piano improvisations to electronic sound-art compositions and live percussion events. This provides the audience with an enriched sensory experience, allowing them to see the shape of the music as they listen to it, revealing the beguiling symmetry of the repeated refrain.