Lucy Price

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  • While landscape is the inspiration for Lucy’s work, it is memory, luminosity and movement which is the real subject. Through painting, she tries to draw the onlooker into an other worldly panorama offering refuge in a meditative, evocative space. The aim of the work is not to depict a particular 'place' but to stir a recollection, an emotion, or shared moment of recognition in the viewer. Lucy invites viewers to interpret the work for themselves as if they were taking in a landscape as they walk through it.Working in oils and from photographs she often uses man made materials such as plastic to create the paint mark and capture the organic physicality and flow of nature. The very act of painting transforms the synthetic into organic and the artificial into the real. For Lucy the ultimate success is when painting exists in its own right, allowing the marks to maintain a spontaneity and autonomy as they hit the canvas.Lucy is a graduate of Chelsea College of Art (UAL London). She completed her degree after a career in the PR industry and returned to the art world with passion and determination. Lucy has been living and working in London for over 20 years. She frequently exhibits in the capital and teaches students on a one to one basis from her studio in Fulham.