Sandy Dooley

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Sandy lives and works in Kent, in the South-East of England, and works mostly with landscapes, from which she draws her inspiration. Of her work, Sandy says, "The play of light and shadow, and the in-the-moment experience of absorbing the world around me inform my work. I am also drawn by my memories of a childhood spent outside, the visual impact and pleasure of that still resonates with me. I love colour and texture and in my work I am always attempting to use these elements to create a harmonious balance. I enjoy working in an experimental way with different materials, I frequently throw paint at my canvas, and work with the canvas on the floor, dripping paint onto it. The spontaneity that this gives me is very valuable."

Sandy has sold both portfolio work and substantial commissions for private and corporate clients, including Centrica PLC, Boston Consulting, Bridgewell Group and Fermer (UK).