Stephen Snoddy

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Stephen Snoddy was born in Belfast. After studying and a long career exhibition management in a range of galleries and museums, Stephen returned in 2013 to painting again and has had successful solo exhibitions such as ‘Looking Out’ in Brussels, ‘Looking At’ at Southampton City Art Gallery and ‘Homage’ at Hampstead School of Art.

Snoddy always starts by picking up on elements from a previous painting. Then he constructs a multi-lined grid, and the interjection of these lines helps him to arrive at a new work. While this sounds methodical, intuition plays its part and is revealed in the pentimenti inherent in the act of painting. Snoddy likens the whole activity of making art to building a family. But he is even more convinced that structure is the absolute key to a fully considered and contemplative painting. He invites us to think about process, and work out for ourselves how the images have been arrived at.

Stephen's works are preserved in a wide range of collections, from the Museo Roberto Polo in Toledo to the Yantai Art Museum and Yantai Art and Craft Museum, China.