Back to the Home Office

Back to the Home Office

After the long summer months autumn is arriving and so is that back-to-school feeling. As we return to our home offices and begin to spend more time indoors it’s important to consider how environment can impact our mental wellbeing. Here are some pointers to declutter your home office and bring in that crisp autumn air.


Every clear out first requires an inventory. How can you make space if you don’t know what you have? However, many people either get too overwhelmed by the task or go all-guns-blazing and end up with a huge discouraging mess. So what’s the solution? Break it up!

Divide the items living in your home office into categories. Office supplies, paper files, desktop clutter, and miscellaneous items that have mysteriously found their way into your space are all examples. Dedicate a day to focus on a category and be ruthless. Get rid of what you no longer need and keep what remains in one place.


Hopefully by gradually taking stock and getting everything that doesn’t belong in your office out, you’ll have a lot more space and a better idea of what is filling it. This is where the fun begins. Use your knowledge from your stock take to guide you. Did you have too much stationary lying around on your desk? Attach some cups to the wall space above so that its easy to grab in the flow of work and put back.


With the more practical tasks sorted it’s time to focus on mental decluttering. Studies have shown that your surroundings can have a dramatic influence on both your physical and mental health. Satisfaction with one’s environment has been proven to increase feelings of wellness by 42% making it important to assess the spaces you’re working within. By removing and re-allocating you have cleared out unnecessary noise – but what’s left?

Art is a great option. You don’t have to water it and unlike personal photos you won’t be distract by memories. Art can offer a mental respite, a place to iron out your thoughts, so you can return to reality recharged with new perspectives.

Bringing artworks into the office space sets a clear tone. Katie Henry, director at Art in Offices recommends “paintings with green such as landscapes and abstract landscapes to provide a calming and relaxing environment. If you’re looking to stay energised focus on adding artworks with pink, orange and yellow.”


Once you’ve taken stock, re-ordered, and renewed your fresh home office space make sure to enjoy it. Take a photo on your phone to remember how you want your home office to feel and take time to mindfully unwind each day by clearing everything out before you clock off.

Keep the feeling by repeating the process at the changing of each season. Art rental services are a great option to keep your home office environment stimulating. Not only can it be a more affordable option, but it is an effortless way to routinely transform your space without the hassle of a complete re-do.

Unlike going back to school, going back to work need not be dreaded. Savour your creation and relish in a refreshed office space that you look forward to returning too.

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