Joanna Gilbert

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London-based artist, Joanna Gilbert, uses spray paint, mixed media and installation to express what she terms ‘urban emotion’. Colourful, vibrant abstract and conceptual works are created with an intuitive response, represented on various substrates in an energetic and exciting manner.

Gilbert is interested in hyper-consumerism and how purchasing desired items in the ever-changing brandscape results in short-lived feelings of satisfaction. After the purchase, there is an air of disappointment; we are right back where we began, wanting more… and the cycle continues.

Joanna has recently explored the experience economy within the hyper-consumerist culture and created the brand ‘NOTHING TO BUY’.

Joanna Gilbert is exploring these critical questions: Are we consuming for the sake of consuming? What if we consumed a vacant space? How would that impact our desire to purchase if there is nothing to purchase?

With a penchant for sheen and luminosity, Joanna Gilbert’s pop-up show ‘NOTHING TO BUY’ aimed to be an intervention between retailers and consumers. By projecting only colour and light from the vacant shop (where there is nothing to buy) the window shopper becomes a passerby, making a memory or an experience.