Kira Behnert

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As an abstract mixed media artist, she paints intuitively, drawn to create spontaneous movement and a sense of freedom, inspired as rebellion against the pressures of daily life to conform ‘in a box’.   She uses many layers of paints and texture in a loose, confident way, going beyond borders.  Her works radiate a liberating curiosity which she feels is often lost.. Instead, she conveys vibes of adventure and fun, in intervals with peaceful, quite moments, inspired by memories, observations, and a zest for life. 

Her monotype screen prints are abstract expressions of a naive thought or an imaginative escape. There is always an invitation to let the mind wonder beyond the mundane. In every piece, she aims to pass on a feeling of spontaneity, energy and adventure. She aims to push her artworks towards abstraction, leaving works deliberately open-ended and intriguing to the viewer.

Art from Kira Behnert