Art in Offices Shop

If you've been spending more time at home recently (like we have), you might have noticed those gaps on your walls where an artwork would look amazing.  Perhaps you want to curate your Zoom background so you have something for your clients and colleagues ot look at?  Well the Art in Offices shop is the perfect place to pick up something delightful and affordable.

We have a large selection of prints which you can buy framed or on canvas, direct from our artists.

You can also buy a 3 month art rental subscription for your home for £25 per month.  Just head to the shop, click on "subscriptions", choose the art you want and add the subscription to the basket.  We'll email you after 3 months to choose a new artwork!

We're also selling Art Vouchers, which you can gift to your friends, family, staff and colleagues.  They can redeem the code against any artwork on the shop!

Shop for Art